Board of Directors

SFIL  is organized around a Board of Directors, a Management Committee, an Appointments and Governance Committee, a Compensation Committee, a Financial statements Committee and an Internal control and Risks Committee.

The Board of Directors is made up of 15 members.


• Chantal Lory, Chairman of the Board of Directors (independant member)

• Philippe Mills, Chief Executive Officer


• French State represented by Elodie Boulch

• Jean-Pierre Balligand (independent member)

• Serge Bayard (representing La Banque Postale, shareholder)

• Pascal Cardineaud (elected employee representatives)

• Gabriel Cumenge (nominated by the French State)

•  Marion Domalain (elected employee representative)

• Virginie Fernandes (representing la Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, shareholder)

• Frédéric Guillemin (elected employee representative)

• Cathy Kopp (independent member)

• Thomas Morisse (elected employee representative)

• Françoise de Panafieu (independent member)

• Sandrine Peraud-Chemla (elected emloyee representative)

• Pierre Sorbets (independent member)