Board of Directors

SFIL  is organized around a Board of Directors, a Management Committee, an Appointments and Governance Committee, a Compensation Committee, a Financial statements Committee and an Internal control and Risks Committee.

The Board of Directors is made up of seventeen members.


• Pierre Sorbets, Chairman of the Board of Directors (independant member)

• Philippe Mills, Chief Executive Officer

• La Caisse des dépôts et consignation represented by Olivier Fabas

•Serge Bayard

•Sandrine Barbosa (elected employee representative)

•Virginie Chapron du Jeu

•Gabriel Cumenge (censor)

•Brigitte Daurelle (independant member)

•Laetitia Dordain

•Eckhard Forst (independant member)

•Frédéric Guillemin (elected employee representative)

•Cathy Kopp (independant member)

• Cécile Latil-Bouculat (elected employee representative)

•Pierre Laurent

•Fabienne Moreau

•Quentin de Nantes

•Thomas Perdriau (secretary of the Social and Economic Committee attends the meetings of the Board of Directors, without voting rights)