An ambitious Human Resources policy attuned to the needs of the company’s employees

Joining Sfil involves working for a bank that serves public interest missions and offers motivating challenges along these lines.
From risk analysis to finance, accounting to management control and legal assignments, Sfil offers a broad range of banking-related business activities.
As a company built on a human scale and committed to diversity in recruiting, Sfil conducts a Human Resources policy that favors:
the development of its employees’ autonomy and expertise through an ambitious training policy and job mobility;
the cohesion of the staff committed to Sfil’s success in a climate of mutual trust based in particular on fair and competitive compensation;
– the development and promotion of a culture of managerial excellence.

Last update 06/03/2023

Work at SFIL

  • Anthony,<br />
Project Manager, Financial Engineering

    Project Manager, Financial Engineering,

    "After earning a second-level Master’s Degree in Banking, Finance and International Trade in Bordeaux, I worked for two banks in the management of local public debt before coming to financial operations at Sfil on February 1, 2013. I focused on the rescheduling of vanilla loans and certain delegated structured loans, while helping to train new recruits. This experience led me to the financial engineering department in March 2013, and since then, I have worked on reducing the sensitivity of structured loans within the framework of Sfil’s third mission and in application of the sensitivity reduction policy."
  • Marion, age 32,<br />
Training Manager<br />

    Marion, age 32,
    Training Manager

    "As part of Sfil's creation, I was responsible for setting up the training department. Working independently, I was named manager in April 2014, with a commitment to being both proactive and reactive. I love the idea of operating like a small company and being close to the employees. The qualities needed include curiosity, drive, interaction with others and the ability to ensure that our employees get the most from the training organizations."
  • Stéphanie, age 46,<br />
Executive Assistant<br />

    Stéphanie, age 46,
    Executive Assistant

    "I joined Sfil on February 1, 2013 as an executive assistant to Senior Management. My biggest challenge is providing our CEO and assistant CEO with the support needed to perform their duties seamlessly, from an organizational standpoint. I must be able to anticipate, adapt and respond very quickly. I think that having a clear view of one's agenda each morning and a strong mental capacity are essential for this position."
  • André, age 58,<br />
General Secretary of the Risk Department<br />

    André, age 58,
    General Secretary of the Risk Department

    "I've had an exciting career that was diversified but always centered around local government finance, acquiring expertise that I am happy to put to work for Sfil. I began in the finance department of a large local government and then worked in local development financing in France and abroad with sales, financial engineering, marketing, studies and research teams in local public sector finance. Another thing I'm passionate about? The cello and chamber music."
  • Nathalie,<br />
Middle Office Operations Manager<br />

    Middle Office Operations Manager

    "After 10 years with the Paris National Opera Theater's Corps de Ballet, I took a new career path and held various positions in the banking sector. I joined Sfil in 2013. In addition to recurring tasks like managing loan transfers and dealing with unpaid loans, the Middle Office is the link between Sfil's customers and the other departments. As such, one of the main qualities needed is to be very diplomatic under all circumstances."
  • Nathalie, age 43,<br />
Middle Office & Applications Director<br />

    Nathalie, age 43,
    Middle Office & Applications Director

    "I held several positions in the local public sector before joining Sfil in 2013. I oversee a team of 10 employees in two departments: the Middle Office, which is responsible for unpaid loans, borrower transfers and third party database updates, and the Applications & Reporting department, which produces activity tracking reports and ensures that Sfil and LBP have secure and appropriate business tools. My goal is to supervise my employees' work and have a positive and friendly attitude."
  • Ronan, age 37,<br />
Senior Quantitative Modeler<br />

    Ronan, age 37,
    Senior Quantitative Modeler

    "I joined Sfil's Cross-Functional Risk Management Department in May 2014. While the team is being set up, I am responsible for reworking, developing and maintaining the Credit Risk quantitative models, particularly for the rating systems and the related Basel parameters, which also entails doing back testing and stress testing. In addition to the required skills, this position demands one-third precision, one-third attentiveness, one-third technical expertise and 100% good spirits!"
  • Camille, age 24,<br />
Financial Transactions Manager

    Camille, age 24,
    Financial Transactions Manager,

    "After receiving my second year Master's degree in finance and completing several internships in the local government sector, I joined Sfil in March 2014 as a financial transactions manager. My work mainly involves responding to customers' contractual requests related to debt management and contributing to the sensitivity reduction policy. This position, which combines both customer relations and financial calculations, requires precision, the ability to listen and analyze, and the ability to work in a team.
  • Jean-Baptiste, age 26,<br />
Actuarial Officer

    Jean-Baptiste, age 26,
    Actuarial Officer,

    "I joined Sfil in February 2013 when it was founded and currently hold the position of Actuarial Officer in the Financial Transactions Department. As a member of a five-person team, I work in various areas related to loan marketing, including the development and implementation of financial rules, APR calculations, support for La Banque Postale (definition of weekly financial terms, introduction of new products). I also work with the Outstanding Management Department, particularly in the area of sensitivity reduction. Joining a newly-formed company has enabled me to take part in numerous projects and develop the necessary methods and tools for Sfil's business. This position requires precision and intellectual curiosity as well as a high degree of adaptability in order to manage highly complex issues."
  • Isabelle,<br />
Employee Management Controller

    Employee Management Controller,

    "After acquiring 17 years of experience first at an accounting and audit firm and then in a financial statements department in the banking sector, I joined Sfil's Human Resources Department in April 2013. As employee management controller, my responsibilities include accounting for all staff-related expenses and preparing and monitoring the human resources budget. This job requires precision, the ability to respond quickly and absolute confidentiality."
  • Lionel, age 41,<br />
Financial Engineering Director

    Lionel, age 41,
    Financial Engineering Director,

    "A specialist in local public debt with 18 years of experience, I joined Sfil when it was founded with two priorities:
    - Recruit, train and manage a team of some 20 employees from the banking and consulting sectors who specialize in financial management,
    - Implement the sensitivity reduction policy approved by Sfil's Board of Directors and senior management.
    Precision, teaching ability, a knack for dialogue, knowledge of operating risk and the ability to conduct lengthy, complex negotiations are the qualities needed to fulfill the mission assigned to us, namely helping local governments and public hospitals significantly reduce their interest-rate and foreign-exchange risks so that they can manage their finances with greater peace of mind."

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