Our values

Our values are a common thread that runs through all of the company’s divisions and are shared by all employees. Sfil’s Chairman and its Management Committee ensure that these values are practiced by everyone at the company. They reflect a common vision of our business and guide our decisions, deeds and initiatives respecting Diversity on a daily basis.


Trust, which must be earned and in turn creates trust, is a key driver of the company’s success: the trust of all stakeholders in the Sfil mission; the trust of our customers, shareholders and partners; the trust among the employees themselves. It is on the basis of this trust that we develop long-term and constructive relationships.


An essential component of our system, our expertise is based on specialized know-how and a continuously enhanced wealth of experience. The skills and professionalism of our employees underpin our day-to-day actions and ensure our development over the long-term.


The cohesion of our staff at Sfil is a key component of our performance within the local public sector financing scheme. The ability to listen, share information, practice solidarity and promote a team spirit all ensure the company’s effectiveness over the long term on behalf of the French local public sector.

Last update 06/03/2023