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    • Highly successful seventh transaction of the year for SFIL Group
      24 September, 2021

      SFIL Group successfully launched its seventh transaction of the year, and the fifth transaction of the year for CAFFIL (including one in social format). The transaction was issued by CAFFIL under covered bond format, for a total amount of EUR 1.25 billion, divided into two tranches with maturities of 8 and 25 years, and issuance volumes of EUR 750 m and EUR 500 m.

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    • SFIL’s excellent financial soundness is confirmed by the results of the 2021 stress test exercices
      23 June, 2021

      SFIL participated in the 2021 European stress tests conducted by the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM). This exercise does not refer to a minimum capital threshold that must be reached, but is used by the supervisor as part of its institution evaluation process (“SREP”).

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    • Highly successful fifth transaction of the year for SFIL Group
      27 May, 2021

      Following three covered bond transactions issued by CAFFIL and a transaction by SFIL in USD, SFIL Group successfully launched its fifth transaction of the year 2021.
      The transaction was issued by SFIL with a maturity of 8 years and an issuance volume of EUR 1 billion.
      After several episodes of volatility, SFIL seized the opportunity of a more stable market and improved OAT/Swap spread conditions to launch its euro transaction. This transaction gets the tightest spread against OAT for a SFIL EUR transaction.
      The order book reached EUR 2.5 billion – an oversubscription rate of x2.5 – with the participation of 80 different investors – showing a good granularity synonymous of a strong diversification of investor demand in terms of both geography and type.

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