“Our purpose:
Serving a sustainable future together.”

We are proud to present this first Corporate Social Responsibility report.

In October 2018, we joined the United Nations Global Compact, which encourages companies to adopt ten key principles relating to human
rights, labor rights, the environment and anticorruption. By signing this Compact, Sfil reafirms its active commitment to harmonious development and sustainable growth in accordance with social and environmental objectives. This conviction has prompted Sfil to fully incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals into the way it operates, its activities and its corporate culture.

It is with this in mind that we are publishing this first Corporate Social Responsibility report which represents, above all, something that is obvious to all our teams: CSR is part of our purpose and guides us, day after day, in the sustainable and responsible financing of the development of the regions and the French economy. Since its creation in 2013 as a public development bank, Sfil has adopted a unique governance model with a fully public shareholding structure, stable, high-quality partnerships, and internal policies that promote diversity and employee engagement. Our public policy missions, geared toward long term financing of the investments made by French local governments and public hospitals as well as major exports, require us to have a positive but moderate profitability target with controlled risk-taking and a balanced social model.

To ensure our participation in a more sustainable future, we are firmly committed to contributing to the long-term, harmonious development of
society with the highest degree of transparency and honesty. Our goal is to continue to provide innovative solutions in order to meet the challenges facing us in terms of the environment, sustainable financing and social responsibility.

This first report is in line with this objective. It goes without saying that we are excited about pursuing our commitment in 2019.

Philippe Mills – Chief Executive Officer &
François Laugier – Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Last update 06/03/2023