Skills development

Skills development: onboarding, training & job mobility

Sfil strives to integrate its employees over the long term.
When they first join the company, new employees are assigned a sponsor in order to facilitate their welcome and integration within Sfil.
Whenever a new position is filled – wether the employee has just joined the firm or is subsequently assuming a new position during the course of his/her career – a meeting is scheduled with the manager after a three-month period.
Sfil pays close attention to skills development and maintaining the employability of its personnel.
The Human Resources division pursues a dynamic training policy to ensure that employees are able to succeed in their business lines throughout their career and thereby pursue an interesting and varied career path.
Job mobility
For all its business lines, Sfil is committed to providing employees with paths for advancement and career opportunities. The company’s goal is to develop the talents and skills of each employee to support his/her development and performance.
Sfil’s employees enjoy individualized support by Human Resources staff throughout their careers with the firm.

Last update 06/03/2023