SFIL on the horizon 2021

SFIL on the horizon 2021
SFIL on the horizon 2021

Unanimously confirmed by by our shareholders in May 2016, our strategic plan #Horizon2021 reinforces our position as a public development bank offsetting the shortcomings of the durables market serving in the local public sector and French exports.

As a continuation to our short existence, we would like to confirm our leadership position with La Banque Postale on long-term financing to the local public sector and become a major player in export refinancing, a new activity that we have been successfully pursuing since 2015.

From the looks of it, the next five years will be just as demanding and stimulating to experience.


Philippe Mills
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


#Horizon2021 is the strategic five-year action plan designed to affirm SFIL’s unique identity as a public development bank that pursues public policy missions while sustainably offsetting market shortcomings.


  • To maintain the position of leadership we have acquired with our partner, La Banque Postale, in the long-term financing of the French local public sector,
  • To be a major player in export refinancing,
  • To generate lasting profitability.


  • A unique link with the French State, forged by our status as a successful public development bank,
  • Exceptional financing capacity, with high ratings, a diversified investor base and an unparalleled issuance capacity for long durations,
  • Seasoned, united teams, who achieve operational excellence as they do their jobs every day.

I believe in Horozon 2021, I'm taking part in it!

  • picto de citation Improving our operational processes is a major component of the #Horizon2021 plan. Each employee must be empowered to make proposals, particularly on questions of operations and optimizing our everyday jobs.

    General Resources Director

  • picto de citation At certain key steps in our existence, we had to know how to question our operating methods, processes, and tools in order to find paths toward optimization, digitalize our exchanges, and be more agile.

    General Auditor

  • picto de citation In addition to transforming internal processes, #Horizon2021 will lead to the emergence of new objectives. In the Outstanding Loans Management division, in particular, we are going to reorient the missions related to our partnership with La Banque Postale and to manage our non-sensitive debt.

    Financial Operations Manager

  • picto de citation Reaching our development objectives as defined in our strategic plan is a priority with integrity and respect for our values, in order to best serve the interests of economy, both in France and internationally.

    Compliance Manager

  • picto de citation Simplifying and optimizing our IT system are key factors in the success of our strategic plan.

    Organization and Cross-disciplinary Steering Manager

  • picto de citation In accordance with our strategic plan, it is essential to change our risk assessment models and ensure their compliance when faced with new regulatory risks.

    Quantitative Analyst

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