Highly successful fifth transaction of the year for Sfil Group

Posted on 27 May, 2021 - 12:40 | Category : Investor updates, News, Press releases.

Following three covered bond transactions issued by CAFFIL and a transaction by Sfil in USD, Sfil Group successfully launched its fifth transaction of the year 2021.
The transaction was issued by Sfil with a maturity of 8 years and an issuance volume of EUR 1 billion.
After several episodes of volatility, Sfil seized the opportunity of a more stable market and improved OAT/Swap spread conditions to launch its euro transaction. This transaction gets the tightest spread against OAT for a Sfil EUR transaction.
The order book reached EUR 2.5 billion – an oversubscription rate of x2.5 – with the participation of 80 different investors – showing a good granularity synonymous of a strong diversification of investor demand in terms of both geography and type.

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