Compensation, Performance and Employee Benefits

Compensation, Performance and Employee Benefits


The compensation policy of Sfil is governed by several key principles, including:
– Compliance with market practices.
To ensure that Sfil employees are positioned as well as possible relative to other companies in the same business sector.
– Respect for professional equality.
In its commitment to diversity, Sfil strives to comply with the principle of equal treatment for men and women.
Sfil’s compensation policy, which is transparent and consistent with applicable regulations, combines fixed compensation along with variable compensation for most employees in management positions.
This dynamic and incentive-based variable compensation system takes into account the company’s results and the employee’s performance.


Sfil employees are also linked to the company’s performance through a profit-sharing system.

Employee Benefits

Company employees also benefit from various benefits in addition to their compensation.
– The social security benefits offered to Sfil employees in the form of supplementary healthcare and personal protection insurance offered by Helium are extensive and comprehensive.
– Sfil employees also have the option of subscribing to an individual personal protection plan, with a corresponding employer contribution based on a percentage of their salary, preferred-rate real estate loans, housing allowances subject to financial need and even family assistance.
–  Sfil employees receive benefits in the form of services and charitable works offered by the Employee Works Council.

Last update 06/03/2023