2023 Workplace Equality Index
Sfil scores 93/100

Posted on 29 February, 2024 - 09:30 | Category : News.

In accordance with legal requirements, Sfil has published its Workplace Equality Index score.

Scored out of 100, the index is calculated based on five indicators for companies with more than 250 employees:

  • The male-female pay gap (score obtained 38/40),
  • The individual pay rise distribution gap (score obtained 20/20),
  • The promotion distribution gap (score obtained 15/15),
  • The number of employees who receive a pay rise following maternity leave (score obtained 15/15),
  • Pay equality among the ten highest earners (score obtained 5/10).

For 2023, Sfil obtained a score of 93 points.

Since the creation of the index in 2018, this was the fifth consecutive year in which Sfil scored more than 90 points.

These results reaffirm SFIL’s prime strategic commitment to gender equality in the workplace.

Each company must obtain a minimum score of 75/100. If it does not reach this threshold, it has three years to comply, failing which it may be fined up to the equivalent of 1% of its payroll.

The objective of this measure is to encourage equal pay between women and men and thus create a working environment that promotes diversity and inclusion.